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Heidi Schwegler: Exhibition Tour and Artist Talk

Artist Heidi Schwegler will lead an exhibition walk-through and talk followed by an audience Q&A at Upfor Gallery, on the subject of her solo exhibition, Extinction Anxiety. Schwegler often finds beauty and disquieting humor in refuse and decay. Working primarily in sculpture, she approaches discarded objects as investigations into overlapping ideas of mortality, consumption and coping mechanisms. The sculptures in her current exhibition reverse industrial production, painstakingly recreating durable, mass-produced stuff into fragile, unique works of glass, porcelain and gold. By presenting transformations of consumer goods in unexpected materials, Schwegler seeks to create a new relationship between viewers and the mundane objects that she refers to as “intermediaries of human desire.”

929 NW Flanders Street
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 227-5111