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Artist Talk: Robert Lyons

Join the Elizabeth Leach Gallery for an artist talk with Photographer Robert Lyons. Lyons will discuss the work in his current exhibition, One Eye Crying on view through June 2nd.  Best known for his richly complex photographs of Africa, Lyons color series One Eye Crying focuses specifically on Easthampton, Massachusetts, a location steeped in art historical and personal significance for the artist. The light and landscape of Northeastern America has long been a source of inspiration of painters and photographers, most famously idealized by generations of painters of the Hudson School among others.

A sense of discovery resonates through the series as Lyons captures authentic moments of connection and recognition in his portraits, still lifes and landscapes. Set among overgrown vertiginous backgrounds, cloudy grey parking lots or forgotten wooded roadsides, Lyons makes pictures that inspire curiosity and longing for the stories his subjects could tell.

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Elizabeth Leach Gallery
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